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Infinite Possibilities Await to Add Impact in Messaging and on Store Shelves

The impact of packaging and labeling on the buying decisions of consumers, developing brand loyalty, and carving an impression onto packed store shelves are well established. Labels are often a customer’s first introduction to your product or brand in general. They need to reinforce what your brand stands for, inform potential buyers of what they’re offering, and need to grab attention.

When looking for labeling solutions, you need a partner with experience and a proven track record of getting the job done. You also need a provider that can deliver multiple options, different amenities, styles, and value-adding flourishes that can move the needle.

The Kennedy Group is the packaging and labeling partner that meets all those expectations. With a full portfolio of innovative options, we can help your products with labels that meet and enhance their potential. Today we’ll be examining many of the options available when you make TKG the source for your labeling needs.

Roll-Fed Film Provides Many Benefits

Roll-fed labels, sometimes known as unsupported film labels, fill every need for a commercial labeling solution. Supply via a continuous roll of labels without a liner or adhesive pre-applied, roll-fed labels are cut by application machinery into individual labels with the adhesive added as the label wraps around the container.

Both durable and cost-effective, roll-fed labels come with a host of benefits. Most noteworthy is the visual impact these labels can have on your products. They can provide complete coverage of almost any round container and be used on containers of many different types — such as plastic, glass, or metal.

With the full-color capacity of roll-fed film, often further enhanced with flexographic printing, you’ll also have the ability to design eye-catching graphics that will add shelf appeal. The end result is a full wraparound label that can be packed with vibrant, crisp graphics.

Because there is no liner or pre-applied adhesive used, roll-fed labels use fewer materials — roughly half compared to other labeling methods. This leads to less cost per label, better sustainability practices, and less cost to implement. This cost difference can be substantial in larger production runs. There will be savings no matter the size, but even a fractional difference in price will yield large savings if the run is in the hundreds of thousands — or millions — range.

Lastly, with roll-fed labels, you don’t need to sacrifice optional or special elements. You’ll still be able to add specialty finishes or distinct films — like clear, metallic, and white opaque. You can even opt for holographic imaging or cold foil for extra emphasis on fine details and consistency.

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Pressure Sensitive Labels Remain a Market Leader

Despite the benefits that roll-fed film offers, custom pressure sensitive labels remain the most popular choice for many product makers across a wide range of industries and specialized lines.

According to recent research, pressure sensitive (PS) labels command nearly 80 percent of the demand for packaging labels. It’s easy to see why. With a slew of benefits, pressure sensitive labels give manufacturers multiple options that can all impact the bottom line.

Shelf appeal, or how likely the label is to draw attention for the brand or company when lined up against competitors in a retail environment, is where it begins. With no limits to design choices or color, PS labels can deliver distinctive graphics that convey a unique message or personality for each individual product line.

Durability is another strong suit for PS labels. Available in traditional paper, or premium film versions, PS labels also need to be able to hold up under a wide variety of conditions. PS labels will be challenged by many potential types of stimuli that could impact their performance. From abrasions and scratches in transit to the steamy heat of a shower or the icy cold of a beverage cooler, PS labels have the capability to withstand it all.

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Arm Your Products with High-Quality Labels

Labels remain the most visible and constant impression your customers have of your products and your company. It can serve as the primary communicator of your brand’s story, attracts attention, identifies products, informs, and is often the important first step in selling your product and reputation as a business.

It makes sense then that when looking to differentiate your brand, high quality product labels offer you ways to refine that message with different techniques and printing methods, and the kinds of materials used. Packaging can mean the difference between the success of a product or its possible failure. High-quality product labels play a huge role in that calculation by enhancing visual appeal and promoting a positive brand image.

The Kennedy Group is a high-quality, low-cost producer of pressure-sensitive and roll-fed film products designed to give you optimal label and packaging solutions. This includes many options that can impart unique looks or finishes to your labels to help brands develop connections with customers and shine when placed next to competitors. Here’s a quick look at two high quality product label solutions we offer.


TruIMAGE™ Labels powered by Bellissima DMS are a unique clear roll-fed film labeling solution powered by revolutionary digitally modulated screening (DMS) technology. Geared for high-speed applications in the food and beverage markets, it offers a high-quality product label that rivals the capabilities associated with offset, gravure, and digital options. With this technique, brands will enjoy the improved image quality of more expensive printing techniques coupled with the ease and lower price point of employing flexography printing.

Bright Graphics™

If you want to add a high-quality look to your products, complete with rich finishes, The Kennedy Group offers its Bright Graphics line. Using either silver or gold cold foil technology or metalized film, this option provides another cost-effective way to add strong visual appeal to your product labels. The cold foil can be applied to either paper or film material and doesn’t require the costly dyes associated with hot foil stamping. Both cold foil and metalized film can be used via digital printing for short-run jobs or conventional printing methods for larger runs. You can also choose holographic designs or implement the options in virtually unlimited designs.

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Show Your Commitment with Sustainable Labels

Brands today face more pressure than ever to show their dedication to environmentally-friendly initiatives and find more sustainable ways to implement packaging and labeling. Major retailers — like Target, Walmart, and Kroger — have sustainability requirements for their suppliers. Investors at all levels have increased their focus on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures of companies in their portfolios. Consumers are now more likely to consider green or sustainability initiatives of companies and brands before buying their products.

As the demand for sustainability picks up steam, there’s an important decision some brands might still need to make: When a retailer, investor, or consumer picks up my product, do they see my packaging and labeling as a seamless extension of my brand’s commitment to sustainability? Or do they see disconnects in how my company talks about sustainability and how we package and label our products?

At The Kennedy Group, we’re proud to offer a sustainable labels solution in PureVue® that proves your commitment. Developed to improve the recyclability of PET containers, the PureVue® Portfolio conforms to the APR Design™ Guide for Plastics Recyclability. This means PureVue® products feature innovations in which the inks do not stain the wash water and the labels cleanly separate from the PET material, resulting in pure PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources, and less landfill waste.

With PureVue® labels, the recycling process doesn’t result in contaminated flakes. The end result is a much cleaner PET flake material, capable of being recycled into future beverage and food containers. This sustainable label solution drives true bottle-to-bottle recycling and more food-grade recycled PET. This dramatically boosts the sustainability of the product, cuts emissions, and saves energy.

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Work with the Packaging and Labeling Experts at TKG

The Kennedy Group is an innovative, quality-driven, family-owned business that has provided solutions for companies in a wide range of industries for nearly 50 years. When you need effective, attractive, cost-effective packaging and labeling, we have the experience and expertise to provide the solutions you need to reach your goals.

The Kennedy Group is capable of serving your specific industry needs, from warehouse management with barcode labels and RFID tags to a wide range of labeling solutions, including sustainable options.

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